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PHYTON – Manuscript Submission and Editors

Papers from all fields of plant sciences will be considered for publication in PHYTON. Starting with volume 57, the official language of PHYTON is English, and the articles will also be published instant online. All manuscripts should be submitted, preferably by e-mail, to the managing editor, who will confirm receipt and forward every incoming manuscript to a corresponding editor in the PHYTON team. Unless stated otherwise, the editors are affiliated with the Division of Plant Sciences, University of Graz.


Managing editor:


Editors for plant physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, autecology and related fields:

  • Helmut Guttenberger
  • Maria Müller
  • Edith Stabentheiner


Editors for plant systematics, evolution, morphology, geobotany and related fields:

  • Anton Drescher
  • Nejc Jogan (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana)
  • Michael Pinter (Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz)
  • Wolfgang Schühly
  • Urban Šilc (Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology, SAZU, Ljubljana)


If the files are too large, the manuscript can also be transferred by a ‘file service’, or sent to the managing editor on an IBM PC-DOS compatible CD:

Managing Editor PHYTON
c/o University of Graz
Institute of Plant Sciences
Holteigasse 6
8010 Graz
Austria, Europe


The authors are requested to consult the “Instructions for Contributors” at

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